This is the map of Bali.
Bali is situated east of JAVA ,the mean island of INDONESIA.

animatie frontmap

The SUMA HOTEL is located in KALIBUKBUK in the northern part of BALI.
SINGARAJA is the former capital of Bali in the days that Bali was a colonial part of HOLLAND. Here you will find statues that remind of that part of the history.

If you traffel by plane you will arrive at the international airport of Denpasar, close to KUTA.
If you want we can pick you up from the airport and drive you to the hotel in LOVINA BEACH.

If you look at the map of Bali you will see a lot of places who you can visit and nice to see.
On Bali the religion is Hindoe, which is a relaxed way of lige. If you are there you will feel the same relaxed way of life. You will love it.

From Europe is the flying time about 12 hours, depends which country you fly from.
On the site you will find a link to airplane transporters, to book your own flight.
Look and see for there are different companies who are very cheap to fly with.